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June 18, 2007 @ 8:47 pm
posted by Bolin
StarCraft2 game play Preview Download
太帅了。影片结束部分是神族和人族近距离火拼,突然从天而降三颗原子弹。玩过StarCraft1的人都知道,只有人族的Ghost Espionage/Counter Intelligence Agent才有发射原子弹的本事,并且有隐身的ability。三颗原子弹落下,将战场打扫的干干净净。三个Ghost Espionage/Counter Intelligence Agent此时现身,以为大功告成可以打道回府,没想这时从地下钻出一片虫族的小兵,三个Ghost Espionage/Counter Intelligence Agent的生死可以不得而知。虫族小兵随即变成一颗颗绿色的卵,排列成两个字母,“GG”。LOL!!!   

StarCraft2 Cinematic Trailer Download
Nick Carpenter: The idea of turning the creation of a marine into a cinematic has been on my mind ever since we started working on the cinematics for the original StarCraft. When you click on that button to build a marine, what does that mean? Actually showing the marine being built gives us an exciting opportunity to show that in the StarCraft universe, even something that’s normally very mundane can have a truly epic feeling to it.

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  3. fei says:

    have to buy it and play this game.

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  5. 写的不错,以后经常过来看看!一起加油!

  6. FoxHole80 says:

    Does anyone know a good place for zerg build orders ? With timing and indepth explanations ? Thanks

  7. MarlaG says:

    Hey,who here thinks the Zerg in starcraft 2 are rediculously hard to play with ?I mean come blizzard…diversity is one thing but this..

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