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The Wedding of Liliana and Mario

February 8, 2017 @ 8:19 pm
posted by Bolin

Premiere Pro Advanced Color Correction!

September 23, 2016 @ 2:33 pm
posted by Bolin

Just found a pretty nice color correction tutorial on youtube.

Joshua Tree National Park

March 10, 2016 @ 12:06 pm
posted by Bolin

I finally had a contact with the spectacular galactic center of the milky way. Looking up and standing under those delicate stars with no one around for miles is truly a spiritual experience I’ve never had before. I believe that this challenge of capturing the beautiful night sky and milky way will keep me coming back for more. It’s very interesting that the lights coming from most stars had actually departed around 16,000 years ago meaning that at the time those star lights reached my camera sensor, they had traveled 16,000 years in space already. So, there’s a chance that one of those stars may no longer exists by the time I captured its light, but its light is printed on the digital photo permanently. Thanks to those little stars for giving us a such beautiful starry sky.

Joshua Tree National Park, 03/08/2016
5D Mark III, 16-35MM F2.8


圣地亚哥 San Diego – Sea World

October 29, 2010 @ 4:50 pm
posted by Bolin


October 22, 2010 @ 3:32 pm
posted by Bolin

Passion @ DeClub May 14

May 16, 2010 @ 8:24 pm
posted by Bolin

Grand Canyon&Vegas

May 12, 2010 @ 10:55 am
posted by Bolin